Compact Carrycot

Compact Carrycots
Compact Carrycots
Compact Carrycots

The Compact Carrycot is lightweight & sleekly designed allowing it to be used on a range of single and double Baby Jogger strollers

Compact Carrycot:
Specifications Manual
Product Features:
  • Compatible with the Baby Jogger Accessory Mounting Bracket.
  • Features an adjustable 3 panel hood canopy and apron to cover baby's legs.
  • Handles to easily transport baby to and from the stroller.
  • 11.3 kg maximum weight capacity.
Compact Carrycot is compatible with:
  • City Mini Singles (3 & 4 wheel versions).
  • City Mini Double, either two Compact Carrycots can be used for twins or one for 2 children of different ages.
  • City Mini GT (Single & Double versions).
  • City Elite Single.
  • Summit X3 Single.